Little Miss Bloodhound


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Aha! - Imogen Heap // Wine Red - The Hush Sound // I Think I Smell a Rat - The White Stripes // Violent Colours - Shannon Wright // Trouble - Bitter:Sweet // Buried a Lie - Senses Fail // Caution Repetitive - Princess Chelsea // Girl with One Eye (Bayou Percussion) - Florence + the Machine // Too Clever by Half - Rachel Macwhirter // Ballard of a Politician - Regina Spektor 

I’ll Wait

Ok so last night I had a sudden urge to do something anything for Jadesprite! Luckily I have a ship all up and ready for her!

Anyway you can listen to it HERE

Art is done by the lovely nevernoahh

Track Includes:

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N0t Just S0me 0ther T0y

Oh man its been a while hasn’t it?

Well here you go proof that I’m still alive

I really love Aradia and all her forms but today I decided to stick with her soul bot.

A Tribute to the Maiden of Metal

You can of course listen to it HERE

Art is by at0mbomb

Track Includes:

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Through These Volatile Times

Ok so this was actually finished at around 413 and I was planning to get it done on the day but than I kinda forgot it excisted…

So yeah a kind of 413 mix I guess

You can hear it HERE

Art by CarcinoVantasKisu

Track Includes:

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This is what happens when I’m bored

You Can Listen HERE

Art By TheTime-BetweenTime

Track Includes:

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Popcorn for Two

Ok Here some more of your dayily dose of Mixes

This time its a ship!

Or just a mix thats shared between these too

As always you can listen to it HERE

Art By lazylaz

Track Includes:

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Somewhere Around Nothing/ Drifting away from the Sun

My 3rd mix is out!

I’m not very happy with it and im quiet open to changes at the moment so it might need some editing….

So here have some Grimdark!

You Can listen HERE

Cover art by abbydraws

Track Includes:

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Jade’s Secret Garden

Heres my first ever Fanmix

You Can Listen to it HERE

Art by LazyLaz

Tracks Include

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